The Bawm are an ethnic community inhabiting the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. The Bawm are one of smallest ethnic groups in Bangladesh. At this moment, Around  22,000 Bawms inhabited the Chittagong Hills of Bangladesh. the Bawm migrated from Myanmar (Burma) to these parts of Bangladesh in the 17th century, gradually shifting their way of life from nomadic hunting to slash-and-burn farming.

They speak the Sino-Tibetan Bawm language. Though they were animist previously, but now a days 100% of bawm peoples are Christians in Bangladesh.

The Bawm are concentrated in hilly Bandarban, 338 kilometers southeast of Dhaka, with a few living in Rangamati.

They cultivate rice, vegetables, ginger and fruit, but marketing these products for cash is a problem due to their living far from towns. They also still hunt forest creatures, and consume a kind of fish paste that they buy.Merry Christmas is their biggest festival.