The Hajong are a tribal group native to the Indian subcontinent, notably in the northeast Indian states and Bangladesh. Hajongs are predominantly rice farmers. They are said to have brought wet-field cultivation to Garo Hills, where the Garo people used slash and burn method of agriculture. Approximate 10,000 Hajong peoples are living in Bangladesh.

The Hajongs are Hindus and observe Hindu rites and customs. It is not known when the process of Hinduisation began. The animistic beliefs are still prevalent among the Hajongs.

In Bangladesh, Hajongs are found in the northern Dhaka division, although there are unconfirmed reports of some Hajong living in Chittagong division. The narrow strip of borderland that stretches from Sherpur district in the west as far Sunamganj district in the east can be considered the southern outpost of the greater Hajong community.

The Hajong people speak the Hajong language—which is an Indo-Aryan language with a possible Tibeto-Burman substratum. It is spoken by more than 175,000 ethnic Hajong

The Hajongs have their own musical instruments namely Dhuluk, Khul, Rasamandali, Dotara etc.

Hajong people celebrate Hindu festivals like Durga Puja and Kamakhya Puja. They also celebrate a few traditional festivals of their own.