The Lushai Tribe are living in the Chittagong hilly areas from 150 years ago especially in the Rangamati and Bandarban district. There is no specific research about their number in Bangladesh. It is thought they are not more than 15,000 people. Someone also thinks they are nearly 2000 people only. They live in Hilltops. On the other hand, they are very ferocious from the past time. So, the entrance of their areas is heavily guarded.

The Lushai Tribe are mostly Animist. They believe the god “Pathian”. Their belief, God is protecting them from any troubles. In recent times, they believe in Christianity God. They talk in their own tone language. It is written in Latin Script. Moreover, they are active in cultural activities. They observe three main festivals including Chapcharkut or Basanta Utshab, Mimkut, and Palkat. They welcome any festivals, the main attractions also, with Cheraw or Bamboo Dance.

The Lushai Community wear traditional colorful dresses. The women wear Pajara and Risa, the men wear Dorlem. They eat mainly the meats as well as “Sa-Um-Bai”. They sing their clan song and folk tales as well. Both men and women love hunting. They live with Jhum Cultivation and produce Paddy, Vegetables, Maize, Sesami, etc. Women can make Shawlas and bags.