Manipuri, The an ethnic community in Bangladesh. Their original home is Manipur, once a sovereign state and now the northeastern zonal state of India. In the early days, the Manipuris were known as Meitei.

The Manipuri people are of Mongolian descent and speak a language called Meithei. In 1947 East Bengal gained its independence and today most Manipuri people live in the district of Sylhet of northeastern Bangladesh.In contrast to the flat plains of Bangladesh, the district of Sylhet is characterized by rolling hills and is famous for its tea plantations and lush tropical forests. Most of the Manipuri peoples are farmers and they have a succeeded in growing crops of rice, sugarcane, tobacco, oranges and pineapples.The Manipuri, according to their custom, do not eat meat, but they do eat fish. The Manipuri are very religious people, and are believed to have converted to Hinduism in the sixteenth century. However, elements of their pre-Hindu religion still remain today. The various types of festivals that are the most significant, and are celebrated with great joy by meiteis are RasalilaJanmastamiHoliLai HaraobaCheiraobaYaosangJagannath Rath YatraHoliDiwaliRam Navami etc. At present approximately 20,000 Manipuri people lives in Sylhet region in Bangladesh.