There are still  traces of people who, while they profess Islam, are thoroughly contaminated by social norms precepts of some aborigines. The Manipuri Muslims of Sylhet of Assam answer such a description.

In Bangladesh only Sylhet district contains a noticeable population of the Manipuri –Muslims. These 6,000 Manipuri Muslim of Sylhet can be said to constitute a distinct group of people bearing some of the physical features of the Manipuri tribe.

The pangons are now Muslim. The first fruit of a tree or Feerni prepared from the grins of the first harvest will invariably be taken the mosque on a Friday during Jumma prayer for distributing to the prayees. they believe that this will bestow brake or plenitude this custom evident among some other Trible Muslims as well.

The pangons live on agriculture. While they meat, they have a tendency extol vegetarians. There most favorite vegetarian dish is Utti, arecip made from pulses & Sunji, a kind of condiment.