Bangladesh. There is a small community of Rakhine people inhabiting the coastal areas of Patuakhali, Borguna and Cox’s Bazar, having migrated to Bangladesh from Myanmar before the formation of these two contemporary countries. The total population of the community as of 2020 was appx 16,000.

Rakhains celebrate some other festivals like Pailong Poye (boat race and fair), cultivation festival, harvesting festival, balloon flying festival and new year’s festival. Rakhains are buddhist. The major religious functions and festivals of Rakhains are Sampro Poye, Akhagri, Kach Chung Newri Poye (full moon festival),

Rakhains inherit a long heritage of fine arts and aesthetic culture. These are quite evident in their architecture, arts and crafts, paintings, music, drama and dance. Rakhains had constructed many religious establishments, known as jadi in Bangladesh, Arakan, Myanmar and Malaysia. There are 32 jadis in Bangladesh. A piece of stone marking the direction of sea was placed on the top of the tower of each jadi.

Rakhains had three types of home, made of bamboo, wood and stone. Their house is mainly two storeyed and the ground floor is kept vacant. Beside the main occupation of farming and fishing, they are engaged in trading, shop-keeping, boat and ship building, weaving etc.