The origin of the word Santal is commonly believed that their name has been derived from santal Pargana, the place of their principal settlement.

The main pockets of their settlement in Bangladesh are Chapal Nawwabganj sub-division of Rajshahi district & Birol, Setabgang, Panchagarh & other locality of Dinajpur district. A few remnants of their settlement are also traceable in Rongpur & Bogra districts. The number of Santals in Bangladesh is appx 400,000., though there is a confusion with this assessment.

They have their own language.  There religion are Bhadu,Chirstian, Hindu.They prayed to the  Hill Gods (Marng Buru) or the great Mountain.The santals are an agriculturl community. Both men & women work in the field.But the ploughing is done by men only as women  can not tend animals efficiently.But women to perform the task of laying seeds & cropping.